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We Deliver All Beach Rentals to Your Desired Location!
SkimBoarding:                                      $10 & Up
The Kiddies love this one! Skateboarding & Surfing combined, what more could they ask for. Skimboarding involves a thin fiber glass board that hydroplanes across the shoreline. Treasure Island & St. Pete beach offers the perfect shoreline for a perfect ride. With a top of the line Skimboard you will be looking like a local in no time.
*Lessons are Offered
PaddleBoards:                                   $37 &up
Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Immerse yourself in the hottest new water sport around. This fairly new water sport captures the essence of surfing and kayaking in one. It’s almost like you are walking on water. Imagine gliding along Treasure Island beach with just a board, a paddle and the freedom to explore. Paddleboards are a water sport that people of all ages can master in no time. For the ultimate adventure on the water rent a paddleboard for the day.
*Lessons are offered
Kayaks:                                                    $48 & up
How about a day on the water to check out Florida’s fascinating marine life? Manatees, dolphins, exotic fish and local birds are just some of nature’s art the beaches have to offer. If you really want to be the captain of the Gulf, rent one of our Kayak & fishing equipment packages and sign up for a fully guided and all inclusive fishing trip. Who knows, you may even catch tonight’s dinner. Our experienced Kayak guides will show you how and where to catch the biggest fish.
Fishing Equipment:                                  $15 & up
There is no better way to spend a day of relaxation with your reel in the water waiting for that perfect bite. It’s the perfect way to catch the Local Vibe and the best part is everything you need is provided. Our high quality fishing equipment gives you the greatest opportunity to land a trophy fish. If you are really feeling like a fisherman you can also  rent a kayak and fish the local hot spots.

Surfboards:                                               $22 & up
Do you fall asleep dreaming about hitting that perfect wave and gliding across the water becoming the next Big Kahuna on the beach?
Well wake up and really experience the surf, gulf coast style. And for those of you that are just starting out, “no worries” Island Actions Sports offers lessons from the Big Kahuna himself. You will be rippin’ it local style in no time.
*Lessons are offered
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